Sunday, 30 October 2011

The works...

These written blog entries always take me forever to span out. I end up drafting them three times over before I'm remotely satisfied. I suppose I'm not a natural writer. Or maybe that's what most writer's do. I think there's such thing as a rhythm that you can get into where every word, sentence, paragraph, page you write feels perfect. Looking deeper I imagine that's the case with any art form. But to me that's a rare occasion.

On the topic of writing, I am currently reading the works of probably one of the best comic book authors of all time, Garth Ennis. If you don't know him, find him. He's well worth it. He's very awesome in a sense that nobody else seems to do what he does, or at least pull it off to his level. Known for stuff like Preacher and his run on Hellblazer, he writes 'badass'. That, to me, feels like the only effective way of summing up his work. He has such a stranglehold on dark wit, and gritty realism that he almost makes 'badass' it's own genre. His work is so character driven, which to me I place on a level of importance far above story. The guy can write dialogue. Saying that, he's not a one trick pony, but of all the tricks to master, everybody likes 'badass', and it sells, especially in the comic profession it seems.

His 'Dangerous Habits' run on Hellblazer (issues 41-46, 1991), which i've managed to acquire the single issues of recently, is, to me, one of the most engaging, exciting, enthralling, existential bits of lit that I've probably ever read. Just read this bit of inner monologue:

"Devil's blood pisses onto the floor across the room, an obscene splatter that eats at the floorboards and forms pools of blackest night where it lies... I can see my face in the pools, and even though it's distorted to the point of mutilation i keep my eyes on it. It's got to be better than looking at his."

It leaks awesomery. Accompanied with the artwork of Will Simpson, whose work to me is a bit hit and miss at times, it still finds a way to kicks a lot of ass. Though some of Simpson's artwork seems rushed, I don't know whether that's down to meeting deadlines or the inker Tom Sutton, the art still manages to fulfil it's purpose well in strengthening the narrative. For example some of his stuff in issue 45 is great with the three lost brothers. Back to Ennis though, saying all that, even if you don't like or read comics, you gotta respect the guy's talent. If I could only grab the reader by the collar like he If I can find a way to meet a similar level with my film or comic projects this year, I will be one happy dude.

Anyway, my production blog is up and running. I hope to stay true to it and upload lots of interesting things regularly that will hopefully make me look great. This post was a bit of a trial post, but it's still relevant to my production, as Garth Ennis is a definite influence of mine, and i'm almost certain his stuff, though not contextually the same, will subconsciously affect the way i go about making my film and comic.