Monday, 7 November 2011

Mega post! All rough stuff

Rough thumbnails for story.. Until I write out a proper treatment I wont be discussing the story elements & aspects in great detail, but here's a rough idea of the sequence of events I want to portray. I'm not sure at this point in time whether they bring across the message and everything else I want to convey.

Rough colourkeys unfinished... just to get an idea of what mood i want to set.. Not entirely certain whether I'll eventually go as dark and contrasty as the first two. The first shot here shows nice mise-en-scene, which i may eventually use later on.

Initial design for the head of the main hobo. I like the tidy / unkept-ness of his hair. It looks all good until it gets to his comb over which sticks out wildly. His eyes are sunken and his sockets are dark. His curvy moustache continues on from his cheekbone (I like the simplicity), almost looks like he has no jaw bone. beard looks messy and has a joke shop fake look about it.
 Further studies.

 I like the lines formed by the character's brow and his nose in this picture, and how they intersect.

more things. wilder hair, looks thinner. Messed up felt fabric winter coat with threads sticking out. Hairy look makes character look dirty (see R Crumb for possible shading method).

Other hobos
Cloud-like fluffiness of beard. maybe he uses it as a pillow

Cousin It style extreme hair. Uses long hair to keep warm.

I like the idea of one of the hobos wearing a hood over a hat.

That's it for now. May attach more pictures to this post and annotate further.. We'll see. laptop battery at 3%.

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