Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Business card process

I wanted to create a business card that summed up who I am to potential clients and what i do. Pretty standard for a business card. I also wanted mine to be different than the rest in some way. Not sure whether I've got that. but it's certainly individual.

I'm a big fan of film, especially 40s noir and early German expressionist stuff. I thought it would be cool to incorporate that in some way on my business card. The energy of German expressionist design (kinda deco-ey noiry stuff too). I looked at a poster design for Fritz Lang's film 'M' about a child murderer (the legend Peter Lorre). His acting is definitely worth checking out for character expression. Looney Tunes parodied him if my childhood self remembers correctly. Also I think John K talks about him on his blog with cool picture examples of the stretchiness of his face in a scene from 'The Maltese Falcon' (1941?)... anway i took this poster of a hand which i thought was awesome:

And then sketched my own hand in a similar style holding a pencil.

looks pretty awesome in pencil form i reckon.

Here's one i did earlier in photoshop. It's actually a pen tool trace of a different poster hand, so it's not original unfortunately.

I went and took that pencil sucker into photoshop. The colours were initially a bit different.
this is what i came up with. It's meant to be my point of view from my animation light box. with my name in the middle so you know who i am... You can read into it as much as you like, I tried to make the perfect symbol to sell me, but in the end it's a hand and a circle that looks like the moon.

This was the design I came up with way before Christmas. It was the whole light box idea except i wasn't happy with it. It looked a little too boring, but probably more professional looking. It has that reserved effortless cool sort of vibe that I'm sure people try to create with minimalist business cards.
i tried.

This was just a different idea completely. Because everybody seems to have produced simpler, more professional looking cards I decided to make one too, to cover all grounds.

I thought what I'd come up with was too busy so i tried to simplify it down again. Kind of liked this. I adjusted the contrast to make the colours bolder and more dynamic. I really like the yellow. It looks so artificial and nicotine-ey.
 Don't know what happened here. It was an early morning test / trial. It looks pretty awesome I think but probably too graphic-looking to address my profession. Maybe it'd work better for a graphic designer. The whole light box thing is far lost at this point.

I thought i'd make the colours even darker, because I just wasn't happy with them.

 bleach them out a bit, lowering the hue toggle down to more greyish tones.

something else completely. I love high contrast black and white stuff. Maybe even more than colour.

This is where i got to. the end result. this is the back side of the card with all the details on it. I didn't really change it from the original card design. the QR reader thing is pretty much if you have a smart phone and take a picture of the barcode, it should take you to my website.

This is the front. It's sort of a comfortable middle ground of everything, i like to think. Not sure but i think the font's even a different size to show my arrogance. I'm sort of happy with it. I dont know whether it's professional enough or not, but it's certainly me.

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  1. Very fond of the lightbox desig, and I love the QR thign. TOO DRUNK to comment properly, will do so tomorrow ;_ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx