Thursday, 22 March 2012

BG14: The Multiplane POV zoom thing.

Video to be uploaded at a later date...

Scene 8 Shot 3 is meant to help strengthen the tranquil nature of the woodland setting, in contrast to the bustling city at the beginning of the film. It's where Jeb realises he can ultimately be happy. This shot is Jeb's POV as he approaches a clearing and the river which leads him to the bridge. He's just travelled through a dark forest and this shot and the one after (SC8 S4) are almost a momentary sigh of relief for Jeb. Hopefully the dusky, warmer, muted colour palette will present that when paralleled to previous shots.

First plane. Deep background.

plane 2 / overlay. First trees.

Plane 3. Another layer of trees for added depth / immersion.

mega foreground overlay, to give the feel of looking through trees and add further illusion of real depth.

... Colour noodling and a couple of texture layers later and I had this. 

Saving the individual layers as PNG's and importing them into after effects, setting up a camera etc, I managed to emulate space in a more effective way than if I was to have a one layer background zoom in. It works really nicely. It's a technique that is definitely relied on with a couple of other shots.

I didn't reference anything for colour, only my own colour keys.

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