Saturday, 17 March 2012

Business studies 'Ultimate Image'.. It's been a while

It has been quite a long time since I've posted anything on here. Here's something. Hopefully I'll kick myself in the ass a bit and start posting more stuff.

Basically we were assigned a project to create our idea of the perfect image.. Well, an image to sell ourselves as artists and hopefully get work and stuff. This was mine. I took Ultimate Image quite literally and decided to picture me wielding swords and riding a bear / bike hybrid all epic and funny like. It's meant to be a joke. Frank Frazetta was a big influence, at least with the epic subject matter.. Mignola was too, but he always is.

I love Frazetta's work. It is genius. And I can't help but find it kind of embarrassing even talking about my work along side his.

From Conan I think. The muscle structure and definition. enough said. even the colour palette though. genius.

 I love this guys pose. What he's doing with his sword and shield, along with the horse, makes a really nice shape or silhouette or whatever. I've never seen anybody hold a shield like that before but it looks so sharp and dangerous looking. awesome.

He even painted a few bears in his time. 

This powerful pose to me sums up quite nicely what I think of Frazetta. I love him THIS much. Terrible joke aside, I took great influence from this painting in particular. Again the muscle structure is so well defined and just the pose in general and the expression of the warrior, like pure fury and bloodlust. awesome. Some day I'll be able to paint this good. One can keep dreaming.

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