Friday, 27 April 2012

More stuff...

garbage bin POV. gotta love a POV
overlay symbol animation. Looks pretty terrible, but it's effective.

"Damn I'm starved... I wonder if i can find something half decent to eat in this bin right here."
"Oh BEEGEEZUZ what the heck just bit me! That's not steak."

I had a lot of fun animating this shot / performance. The extreme poses were fun, pushing the character's construction as far as I thought I could. Though if i'd had more time I would have put more inbetweens in it to make run smoother.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Scene two shot one.

I decided to discuss now on my blog my artistic process, to a certain extent. I'm gonna be talking about this shot: SC2S1

How this shot came to be was I firstly freehand drew the background with a blue animation pencil. From there i scanned it into photoshop and added the colours and textures. I began working on the main character's 'busking' animation. I tried to keep everything relatively old looking with a monochromatic colour palette. Once the animation was complete, I started work on designing the pedestrians. I used the blue animation pencil again. I find it a lot easier to come up with designs and such freehand. Digital will always feel somewhat hindering to me.

I then cleaned up the designs in photoshop and animated them in flash as symbols.

Friday, 13 April 2012

At long last! a blog update.

Right so I haven't updated my blog in quite some time, nothing new there (pun unintended). A lot has happened since my last entry so it's sort of difficult to start this off. So if you could bare with me here.

Film production has been going well. I'm a fair bit behind my schedule but what I've been able to produce I'm pretty happy with. I feel like my latest work has been my best work, which is great. I love to know that I'm not getting worse as an artist. I'm learning more day by day, what works and what doesnt. That keeps me sane, knowing that i'm not taking steps backwards. I can't wait to see what I'm like by 2013.

Anyway, recently I've been concentrating almost exclusively towards hammering down the opening shots and the flashback sort of style. The results are pretty cool, design wise.

Here's a screen cap of the opening establishing shot to my film.
Not entirely sure why it's so elongated here. It's not meant to look like that.

I reckon it looks pretty neat. The character, the fence and street, the middle house, the other houses, and the background are all separate png layers that I've been able to place in a 3d environment on after effects. It allows me to move a virtual camera towards them to create a really cool multiplane effect. I'm a big fan of multiplaning. I think it really adds to the believability, immersion of a certain environment. The character layer was drawn in photoshop and exported as pngs, brought into flash and put into sequence. It was then exported as a png sequence which was then brought into after effects and placed into the 3d plane.

you can see here two of five separate components that make the shot.

I envisioned it alot differently in my old preproduction mock ups and sketches. The opening shot was originally gonna pan down from the sky to the street, but instead for one reason or another i decided to  incorporate a more elaborate camera move. I think the main problem was that to fit the originally tall shot into the 1024 x 576 frame the shot would have had to be quite zoomed in, and for an EST i wanted to keep it wide.. I dunno really.. The other noticeable thing is that the setting is changed. I originally wanted to have the sequence based in a more urban environent to enhance that whole dystopian rough, threatening concrete jungle feel (can't find the right word) , but after a weekend in France and discovering some really nice buildings in the more greener side of Cardiff, i became inspired to make it more like the outskirts of a big industrial city.

I think the colours look way nicer in this rough than the final shot. If i get the time i'll see whether i can make an adjustment.

This was the first sketch I did for the shot. I was looking for a more French look then.  It's also worth mentioning I was inspired by a painting done by William Wray
Here is some more old preproduction work, one of the turnarounds of the main character. He only has front and side views because I decided early on that I would only show those angles. I noticed it was quite typical of older cartoons (like the 30s and such) to have really flat on staging, so i tried to emulate that.

An action sheet showing a few different scenes.

more to come soon...