Sunday, 6 May 2012

C A M P F I R E - S H O T shot

In this scene (SC4S1) the main character, Jeb, still having the dog attached to his arm, comes to terms with it and instead cooks it's carcass over a fire barrel. Simple enough solution to hunger when you don't have much else. In this shot I animated the fire straight into flash. I had a number of low opacity png layers of light that i imported into flash and raised the alpha up and down to give a sense of light flicker. I found it tricky trying to understand where the light would hit in the environment and how intense it would be.

check out that peeved expression.

check out that peeved pencil line work.
Not sure whether the perspective is correct or not in this picture. Don't look at it anymore don't question it there's nothing wrong look over here.

Made another small colour key to help figure out the lighting.

The pretty much finished BG.

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