Friday, 18 May 2012

Riding that freight train

Hand in was today. Didn't get my film finished in the end, but there are a couple of shots that I finished that I'm proud of.. so i'm not too glum.. I'm planning to continue working and complete my film over summer, even though the film has already been handed in, I think it's more important that I finish it now. Grades have never meant as much to me as becoming a better artist, and I feel like completing this film will be somewhat a milestone for me as an artist. It should also give me something prominent that I can sell myself as an artist with. A title to my name.

This post I'm gonna be talking about the shot from my film SC7S2 (or BG 7 I believe) and my process.
The final shot.
Bob points outside the box car.
I sketched tree underlays and scanned them into photoshop, where I coloured them in and layered them together. Importing them into flash (as I often do), I animated them as symbols, moving across the screen like a back projection in an old movie.

These trees look ochre-ish colour here - 

but here they could almost be green.

Pencil sketch layout for BG7 - SC7S2, forming the foundations of the whole shot.

Final background (excluding the tree aspect.

unused colour variation.

pencils for Jeb.

Little bit of a LAV / reference photo. Shout out to Chij and Shelly

The animation layer. Drawn in photoshop, constructed in Flash, exported into After effects.

rough map.
Tidy map.

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