Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New blog! WHAT? AGAIN?!

So I've decided to return to my old blog (see link below) for one reason or another... Basically production on my film has halted... Whether it will start up again soon or not I don't know at this point. But what I do know is I've got a lot of exciting, busy, artsy things happening and stuff lined up for the future. I've got comic work, animated shorts, showreel things, film work... ALL SORTS. As my pap would probably say I got a lot of crispy ideas clinking around the old barrel. So Hopefully having so much to cover I'll be blogging like a tank all good and properly for once. I've got a huge blog gap to fill.. um. So bare with me. But I've got FOLDERS of work to throw up and stuff to scan, so expect updates to be REGULAR, maybe even TOMORROW! For my digital supporters and fellow blogmasters, EXPECT YOUR NEWS FEEDS TO BE ANNOYINGLY OVERFLOWING WITH RICH, tasteful, CARTOONY DELIGHT!

check out my NEW old blog.
It has changed.

for the better.

if your clicking hand is weak, or busy, here's a snippet:

Ralph signing out.

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